1. selfie-naked:

    teen selfie tumblr

  2. selfie-naked:

    teen selfie tumblr

  3. silentorgasm:

    Lovely and naughty expression…she knows what she’s about to receive, and she’s just teasing us a bit.

  4. nymphoninjas:

    Hello Ninja & Trouble,

    This is my first time submitting to SS — I’ve been too chicken before now. What pushed me to finally submit is this: In my life right now, there are so many things ending and nothing is coming along to fill their places. Life has been rough and I’m trying to remember there are still things around me that I love, like the house I’m currently living in and the person living here with me, the way the sun feels on my skin, and the flowers I have on the windowsill above my kitchen sink.

    The day I took this photo though, I was feeling down and wanted a distraction so I brought out my camera. When I rolled over and saw my Simon & Garfunkel album staring at me, I couldn’t help laughing. Like a bridge over troubled water, there are still things getting me through the endings and possible beginnings in life. I just need reminders from time to time.


    My Sundays are mainly spent writing and sharing about submission while listening to records, so I have I really like to see other ninjas with records too. Your story is very sweet and I think points out the importance of finding joy in the little things, and focusing on timeless beauty is a great way to find inspiration. 

  5. selfie-naked:

    teen selfie tumblr

  6. selfie-naked:

    teen selfie tumblr